Sourcing the best seafarers to ensure that the quality of the personnel we employ meet the standards set-forth by our clients is a fundamental part of our business.

Rigid technical interview and written/computer based screening procedures are strictly implemented during the recruitment process. Checking the candidates’ background, health condition, and good command of English is also done prior considering any one for shipboard employment.

Our present pool of Officers started from our home grown personnel. This is the result of our Cadets Training Program in the fleet we initiated several years ago. We continuously envisioned to further expanding this scheme by embarking more young and dynamic personnel to our structured shipboard training program.

Trans Star maintains a complete computerized database of seafarers – Maritime Personnel System (MPS) A Crew Management Module used to optimize our crew planning and to produce a variety of database generated crew lists, crew on vacation, crew on sick leave etc. Our crew module contains all the data required for entering, view and printing all seafarers, education documentation, training & medical history, previous sea-services reports, etc.


Trans Star Management Team is composed of seasoned and well-experienced Master Mariners and Chief  Engineers who oversee the selection, administration and crew  planning. Their experience in the field of crewing Trans Star to manage efficiently any challenge that may be faced in the aim to exceed clients’ expectations.

Crew administration such as Processing, Crew Claims and Welfare, Accounting and Training are handled by  young and dynamic team who satisfies the most challenging demands of the clients, the seafarers’ and their families’,

We make it a point to follow and keep close contact with our seagoing personnel, and to react immediately to solve any crewing problem.